What Sort Of Website Should Your Travel Company Have Designed?

What Sort Of Website Should Your Travel Company Have Designed?

Whilst the recent pandemic may have curtailed multiple millions of travel plans around the world, that does not mean that the travel industry has met its demise, and in fact, it can hopefully look forward to a boom due to pent up demand. When that occurs, competition amongst travel companies will be huge, especially online, which is why your website design needs to be optimised in every way possible.

According to professional web design firm www.slinkywebdesign.com.au if your website is lacking, seems out of date, or is simply not able to help you compete with other travel companies, your competition are the ones who will be up to their eyes in travel and holiday bookings, whilst sadly your travel company will not. That can be changed by having a website design that has all the elements needed to promote your travel company the correct way, so let us see how that can be achieved.

Visuals Are Critical

One aspect of your travel company website design that needs a huge amount of focus and thought is how it is going to produce anticipation and desire within those visiting the site, and that primarily is going to be done by the many visual elements you include.

This can be a combination of images, videos, and even infographics giving details on specific locations. Whichever you use they need to be as vivid, colourful, and dynamic as possible so that they literally transport the person looking at them to that location in their mind.


February 1, 2021
Chinese Tourists

Bali to See More Chinese Tourists in 2013

According to The National News Agency Antara, because of an agreement that has been signed to start charter flights between China and Bali, it is predicted to impact the number of tourists that come to Bali as well as two other Indonesia destinations.

An Indonesian company by the name of PT QATA Restu Dewati has entered into an agreement with Shangai’s Qiansheng International Travel Service Co. Ltd. In fact, recently a ceremony was held in China at the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy.

The Bali travel industry recognizes that China is a huge potential market, not just for Bali, but for Indonesia as a whole. Currently Bali only secures a small percent of the approx. 80 million Chinese who travel every year. That’s really low, and so it’s evident that the excitement is brewing that this flight will boost the number of Chinese visitors Bali sees.


March 12, 2013