The Benefits Of Travelling Abroad for Dental Treatment

Whilst many of us are perfectly happy visiting our local dentist at for check-ups and routine appointments, the desire to do so is not so great when we need or want to have other treatments, such as cosmetic dentistry. For it might the thought of any pain which might be experienced, however, for many others, the pain is not much in our mouths, but with regards to our bank balance being reduced significantly.

Whichever way you look at it, many dental procedures are costly, and as such, lots of patients are looking at alternative ways of having dental treatments, and one which is growing in popularity is travelling abroad for them.

Known as ‘dental tourism’ what it basically amounts to is travelling overseas to a country which has high standards of dental care, but due to the nature of their economies, the cost of dental treatment and procedures is a fraction of what it costs in Australia.

There are a number of countries that might be candidates for dental tourism and for Australians, the primary locations are Thailand and Indonesia, with the island of Bali being the one that has the greatest appeal.

If you have never considered travelling overseas for dental treatment or a cosmetic dental procedure, then it is something you should give some thought to. If you are looking for reasons to justify it, then here are some which may sway your decision towards saying ‘Yes’.

Reduced Costs

This is, without doubt, the number one reason why so many Australians choose to travel overseas for dental treatment. In fact, around the world, there are many people from the so-called wealthier countries who travel overseas in order to save vast sums on their dental treatment that can often amount to several thousand dollars, especially if the dental treatment is substantial.

Such is the huge difference in the cost of treatment in places like Bali compared to Australia, even after factoring in the cost of travel, accommodation, and any additional spending whilst you are there, the amount saved can still be significant, and most certainly worth the trip.

Skilled Dentists

Given that dental treatment is so cheap, and that medical standards around the world can differ greatly, one of the first concerns that might pop into your mind is that the dentists in these other countries will have low standards and a lack of dentistry skills. A perfectly understandable concern, but one that is not borne out by the experience of many patients who have travelled overseas for dental treatment.

As we mentioned locations like Bali are extremely popular with Australian patents, and if you were to read the reviews of those who have gone there for treatment you will find almost all of them are happy with the treatment they received.

High Levels Of Service

Dentists in Bali and other locations overseas rely heavily on the income they earn from overseas patients, and thus they know that in order for that to continue the quality of service must be high. This applies not just to the actual dental treatment itself, but also with regards to offering convenient appointment times, clean and welcoming dental clinics, and the customer service offered by receptionists, and dental nurses.

Double It Up as A Holiday

If you are going to travel top another country for dental treatment, whilst there you can double it up as a mini-break or holiday and use the time out with your treatment to get to know the local culture, landmarks, and cuisine.

February 25, 2021

Holiday Villas in Candidasa, Bali

Candidasa is in the remote Karangasam area of Bali. Until recently, it was very difficult and very time consuming to travel to Karangasam due to the condition of the roads.

Visiting this beautiful, remote area used to take more than 2 hours on rough roads. Today, though, there has been a lot of development in northern Bali including the construction of good roads. Visitors can reach Karangasam in just about an hour thanks to these new roads. It is definitely worth the trip!

This area of Bali is also growing as a tourist destination by constructing several luxurious hotels and many beautiful private villas. The hotels and villas are the perfect place to stay while you enjoy all that Karangasam has to offer. One area of Karangasam you should consider visiting is Padangbai which is a lovely fishing village that offers some of the clearest and bluest water and the best white sand beaches in Bali. This village can be found on Amuk Bay. Manggis is another beautiful area with the Amankila and Alila resorts which are known world wide.


February 15, 2021
What Sort Of Website Should Your Travel Company Have Designed?

What Sort Of Website Should Your Travel Company Have Designed?

Whilst the recent pandemic may have curtailed multiple millions of travel plans around the world, that does not mean that the travel industry has met its demise, and in fact, it can hopefully look forward to a boom due to pent up demand. When that occurs, competition amongst travel companies will be huge, especially online, which is why your website design needs to be optimised in every way possible.

According to professional web design firm if your website is lacking, seems out of date, or is simply not able to help you compete with other travel companies, your competition are the ones who will be up to their eyes in travel and holiday bookings, whilst sadly your travel company will not. That can be changed by having a website design that has all the elements needed to promote your travel company the correct way, so let us see how that can be achieved.

Visuals Are Critical

One aspect of your travel company website design that needs a huge amount of focus and thought is how it is going to produce anticipation and desire within those visiting the site, and that primarily is going to be done by the many visual elements you include.

This can be a combination of images, videos, and even infographics giving details on specific locations. Whichever you use they need to be as vivid, colourful, and dynamic as possible so that they literally transport the person looking at them to that location in their mind.


February 1, 2021
How To Enforce Child Support If Your Ex Moves To Another Country

How To Enforce Child Support If Your Ex Moves To Another Country

Following their divorce or separation, the parents of a child have a number of matters that will have to either be agreed or failing agreement, ordered by the Family Court. For these, seeking the help of your family lawyers is strongly recommended to ensure that you, and more importantly, your child has the appropriate legal advice and representation.

Although it is an unusual occurrence, one matter which family lawyers are often asked to advise on is where a parent is in receipt of child support from the child’s other parent but then the payments stop, and the reason for that is the parent liable for the payments has gone overseas.

The immediate thought of the parent still here is that given the child support order came from a family court in Australia, that there is little that can be done if the other parent is now living in another country, where for the most part, an Australian law, family or otherwise, has no bearing.

For many laws, and legal scenarios that might be true, but the fact that a parent is now overseas despite being liable for child support payments, does not mean that the remaining parent has no recourse in order to try to get the child support payments from them.

Apart from seeking help from a family lawyer, one step which should not be regarded as pointless is to try to communicate with the parent who has gone overseas to try to persuade them to restart and continue to make the child support payments. If you are still on friendly terms with their family such as the child’s grandparents, it could be that they have some influence to bear in terms of persuading them to do the right thing.


January 8, 2021

4 Cosmetic Dental Treatments Available In Bali

If you have been thinking about any kind of cosmetic dental treatment and thought the only option you have for it being done is your local dentist, then you are mistaken. For a start, you have the right to go to any dentist of your choosing, provided you have the funds to pay them.

At this point by ‘any dentist’, most people assume we mean one in your local town or within your state, but we are looking much further afield than that. In fact, we are not even talking within Australia because the dentists we are talking about are in Bali. This Indonesian island is an extremely popular location for Australians who are looking for cosmetic dental treatment.

There are many reasons why they go there, with the most obvious one being the significantly lower prices of cosmetic dental treatment such as veneers and dental implants in Bali compared to Australia. The difference can be several thousand dollars depending on the specific treatment, so the incentive to travel there for those savings is high.

In addition, the expertise of the dentists in Bali and the levels of service patients receive is extremely high, plus there is always the added benefit of experiencing a different culture for a few days whilst you are there.


September 24, 2020

Something for everyone in Kuta Bali

Visitors to Kuta find that there is something for everyone. This is a world class destination that is visited by people from all parts of the world. There are elegant and luxurious Bali villas available for a very reasonable price when you compare prices on Bali villas in other parts of the country. There are also many excellent hotels available including the Hard Rock Hotel, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Harris Hotels, Kuta Bali Hotel and the Mercurre Hotels. All of these hotels and Bali villas will allow you to feel comfortable while in a very elegant setting.

Kuta Villas

A lot of people visit Kuta to go surfing. You can get to the beaches where surfing is amazing by car, by taking a taxi or on a motorbike. However, if you choose the right hotel or Bali villa you will be able to walk to the beach. This is the best choice for people who want to surf because the traffic in Kuta is very heavy and it can take a long time to get anywhere.


March 3, 2020
Bali Temples

New Rules for Tourists Visiting Bali Temples

A decline in the ‘quality of tourists’ visiting the Indonesian island of Bali has prompted authorities to re-evaluate their current tourist policies around temples.

In 2017, a photo of a Danish tourist went viral after she was seen sitting on top of the Linggih Padmasan shrine at the temple of Puhur Luhur Batukaru. The throne-shaped temple, according to authorities, is reserved for the most important deity, the supreme God, in Balinese Hinduism. The act by the tourist was seen as highly offensive to the faith.

After the photo went viral, the Indonesian Hindu Religious Council approached the police, asking them to track down the tourist and investigate the matter. Indonesia has strict blasphemy laws and new rules surrounding temple visits could improve the ‘quality’ of the tourists the island receives.

Tourists clambering over sacred temples are not the only problems the Balinese are trying to combat either. An influx of bikini-clad western tourists to the many hundreds of temples is being seen as disrespectful by locals. A tourist came under fire in past years, too, for wearing a bikini in front of a temple while carrying out a fitness pose for a photograph.


August 20, 2019
Coldest Countries

5 Coldest Countries to Visit

After you’ve finished lounging on the beach sipping cocktails then relaxing in Bali villas, anywhere else with lower temperatures will seem ice cold. After all, it doesn’t take long to acclimatise to the warm and tropical climes in Bali, soaking up the rays after being office-bound for eight hours a day.

However, now that you have experienced luxury and extremely desirable temperatures, have you ever thought about visiting somewhere on the extreme end of the scale? Here are five of the coldest destinations that are well worth a visit. They may not offer the warmth and tropical atmosphere of Bali, but they sure do offer something unique and special.

Rovaniemi, Finland

If the less than balmy “average” temperature of -12 degrees Celsius doesn’t put you off, then it might be worth a trip to Rovaniemi in Finland. While there’s no denying you’ll need to rug up – to the point of wearing all your packed luggage as soon as you arrive – it will be well worth the experience.

In Finland during the winter, you may be cold, but you will be rewarded. Visiting in the middle of winter offers plenty of Christmas-like festive fun, while the possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis is also another draw card as well.

Rogers Pass, Montana

If you weren’t already daydreaming about travelling to Bali and relaxing in Bali villas or poolside, then the thought of freezing your extremities off in Montana, United States will encourage it. Believe it or not, some of the coldest temperatures you will ever experience are only a short trip away to the United States.


September 18, 2018
Travel Hacks

5 Money-Saving Travel Hacks

Even if you have been saving for years to be able to relax in Bali or see what the world has to offer, it’s still nice to be able to save a little money where you can. When you’re a tourist to a new country, it can be a challenge to know whether you’re getting a good deal or not, which is why doing your research beforehand can help. Aside from being aware of discount offers and the best websites for accommodation, these five tips below may be of assistance as well.

Consider Home and Pet Sitting

If you’re in desperate need of a holiday, but your budget doesn’t stretch to flights as well as accommodation, then why not consider being a house and pet sitter? There is an abundance of websites with people looking for reputable house sitters and pet sitters to take care of their precious possessions while they are away. The best part is, it doesn’t cost you a cent – saving you thousands in accommodation.

Know When to Book Flights

No one is a mind reader when it comes to booking flights. Therefore, there is always going to be a time when you book a trip then find out it is several hundred dollars’ cheaper the next time you look. Whether you’re booking one return flight to get you to Bali villas and back, or several for a world trip, it’s a good idea to do your research on flight booking tips.

According to CheapAir, you can save a significant amount of money if you book four months or three weeks before your holiday, and on a Tuesday or Wednesday. In most cases, Friday, Saturday, and Monday tend to be the most expensive days to fly.


July 21, 2018
Overseas Cycling Adventures

Overseas Cycling Adventures

When we think of going on an overseas holiday it is usually all about the nightlife and the main tourist attractions, but there are many other ways to have fun as well. Once you’ve settled into your accommodation, you might want to try a cycling adventure. Don’t worry whether you will be able to cycle up hill and down dale, because mostly the trips are not in steep country. On a cycling tour you can often cheat by being taken to the top of a mountain by vehicle and just riding down, along with your guide.

Cycling adventures are for kids, adults and seniors. Even babies can participate so long as Mum or Dad take the handlebars, because there are bikes with baby carriers and seats so the whole family can enjoy their ride. You can stop on the way there or back for a meal, depending on what time your tour leaves.


February 26, 2018
Travelling Overseas

15 Tips for Travelling Overseas

It’s a great idea to travel overseas, explore different cultures and see how other people live.  Often people just travel for fun and to see the world. However, if you intend to go into places where English is not the main language, it’s important to follow some tips to make your experience a positive one and ensure the time spent is not wasted.

  • Learn a few phrases of the main language. Don’t just follow the guidebook with phrases such as yes please and thank you. It’s important to also learn how to say no thank you. After all, you won’t want to agree to everything that is said if you don’t know what it is.
  • Remember that other countries have seemingly harsh penalties for what you may think is a minor infraction. Australian law is not in force just because you’re an Aussie. Learn the laws of the land and follow them.
  • Pack for the climate you are travelling to, not the one you are leaving. Most people pack too many of the wrong clothes.
  • Never leave any kind of drink unattended. If you forget, don’t drink it when you come back to your table.
  • Don’t keep valuables or ID in your backpack. In a crowd you won’t notice someone slip their hand into it. Keep it on your person, at the front where you can see what’s happening.
  • If you plan on hiking, do some long walks for several weeks before you leave to strengthen your muscles.


July 5, 2017
Holidays on Budget

10 Tips to Holidays on a Budget

If you were thinking the cost of an overseas holiday would be too much, there are many ways in which you can save.  The biggest cost factors on holiday travel are for the travel fares, the accommodation and the food. If these three biggies can be reduced in some way, your holiday suddenly becomes much more affordable. And this applies to holidays in Australia, not just overseas.

Here are 10 tips to help reduce the cost of holidays.

  • If flying, watch for specials run by the airline of your choice. Be flexible so you can get packed and go at short notice when the specials come on.
  • With cruise ships, booking way ahead will often get you a great special in price. But it is also possible to get last minute deals because they want to sail with a full ship if possible and if all the cabins are not booked by a week before sailing they’ll offer them at a good rate.
  • If going by car, the way you drive can save a great deal in the cost of fuel. Braking and accelerating smoothly save fuel; jamming your foot down on the brake or accelerator waste it.
  • Watch what you buy when overseas because you’ll have to pay excess for luggage that is over the weight limit. So pack light and take an extra suitcase if you intend to get a lot of stuff, then you won’t have to buy luggage to carry all those things you bought. Luggage is quite expensive in other countries.


June 20, 2017

Holiday Adventures that Kids Will Love

If you want to delight the kids with an overseas holiday, Bali has many unique adventures suitable for kids and adults alike. Participating in these fun outings with them will guarantee to ensure a fun time for all with no chance of being bored – and you won’t need to hire a babysitter. Settle into your villa and start to enjoy.

Here are some of the great places in Bali that kids will love.

  • Walk through the treetops at Tabanan. It’s great to view the forest from the top instead of the bottom. At Tabanan you’ll find high walkways through the treetops. In fact, it’s made more fun by including obstacles of varying hardship degrees. In every case, safety is assured with a safety wire attached to your harness. Start from 2 metres high and go up to 20 – if you’re game. It’s called Bali Treetop Adventure and is located at the Bali Botanical Gardens.


April 1, 2017

Travel Tips to Save Money

Whether you are going to your favourite holiday island such as Bali or another tourist destination there are certain things you can do to save money, if you just know about them. Most people are on some kind of a budget, so finding ways to save is something they look forward to. If you save money you might even be able to add a day or two to your holiday.

Here are some ways to save on the cost of an overseas holiday

  • Book weekend accommodation in the business district of a city. This can save money because during the week these places are full, but at the weekend – including Friday nights – when business is not carried out they are essentially empty, so offer cheaper rates to attract people.
  • According to some travel experts, Tuesday is the time to look for budget airfares. This is because often one airline will offer a good deal on Monday and by Tuesday, many other airlines bring their prices down to match it.
  • The weekend is the most popular time for travellers so is likely to be the most expensive for flights.
  • Eat at a local restaurant where the menu is not in English. Asking for recommendations from the hotel staff will only get you to an expensive place because fancy restaurants pay them for recommendations.
  • You can often save money on hotel accommodation by phoning the place directly rather than using an 800 line, which is often a clearing house that reserves at a higher rate.
  • In Europe, October through to April is the off-season when you’ll get cheaper deals.


March 7, 2017

Do’s and Don’ts for Riding a Scooter on Holidays

Once they’ve settled into their luxury villas, many holidaymakers choose to rent a scooter to get around because there is no public transport. They don’t realise the driving rules and conditions are completely different from most other places such countries as India, China, Japan and even Indonesia. It may seem easy to ride a motor scooter too, but if you’ve never done it, Bali is not the best place to learn.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for riding a scooter in Bali.


  • Always wear a helmet; make sure it fits properly and has a visor.
  • Before choosing a scooter – and paying for it – make sure the brakes, lights and horn all work. Yes, you’ll need the horn, it’s an integral part of driving in Bali.
  • If you are not sure where to turn or how to pass another vehicle, watch what the locals do and follow them.
  • Most Indonesians use their horn to alert other drivers to their presence on the road. Don’t be shy about using yours, it’s better than having a truck cut you off.
  • While there may be plenty of health benefits of sunshine, Wear sunscreen or cover up, especially on your arms and shoulders. You may not feel sunburn happening due to the breeze, but it will.
  • Locals may not use the turning lights to signal a turn, but you should. And if you have someone riding pillion, get them to shake their hand out to indicate a turn like the locals do. This can be a more visible signal in high traffic situations.
  • If you get stopped by police – which is likely – stay calm, smile and be polite – and watch your wallet.


February 12, 2017
scuba diving

The Top 7 Scuba Diving Sites In The Globe

If you are planning an overseas holiday this year, Scuba diving gives people who dare venture into the water an opportunity to explore the deep oceans and discover things that have never come to human attention.  A dive down to the ocean floor will make you appreciate the magnificence of nature as you see, touch, and even have a chat with big sea animals such as whales.

Well, you only need to have some courage and a guide to venture into the ocean depths and, your life will change forever. Here are top 7 scuba diving sites you should consider in 2017.

  • The Barracuda point in Malaysia

The Barracuda point is a great site for people who love deep sea diving. It has a wall of coral reef where sharks frequent and barracuda surround you. It is the point you are guaranteed of enjoying great stuff. Often, strong currents from the other side of the Sipadan Island bring White Tips, Jacks, Bumphead Parrotfish, and turtles.


December 10, 2016

Enjoying Something Different on Holidays

There are many things to do and see on holiday and all of it is interesting, especially after you’ve recovered from your jet lag in that nice, luxury villa or hotel room you rented. If you wanted to do something exotic after you’ve checked out all the best spots to surf in Bali and want something a little less touristy than visit temples and see monkeys, consider booking into an educational workshop. There are many of these in Bali ready to educate you on how to do any number of amazing things.

  • If you love the traditional Bali food, you can experience this kind of cuisine at home if you learn to cook it yourself. You can actually attend any of several cooking classes in Bali that teach you how to cook some of the most popular Balinese dishes. It might be the best thing you ever did. There are many different cooking classes so choose the kind of food you love best – if you can.
  • Love jewellery and crafts? Try a silversmith class at Ubud. Class costs include 10gm of silver and instruction of how to make it into a piece of jewellery.
  • Visit an organic farm and learn about farm cooking. The visit is as much fun as learning how to do it.


November 18, 2016
Does Your Travel Company Need Digital Marketing?

Does Your Travel Company Need Digital Marketing?

Everyone loves to travel, and that is likely to be one of the reasons that the travel industry is such a competitive one. The need to attract customers versus them going to your competitors is significant and that is why the marketing professionals at strongly recommend that travel companies have a digital marketing strategy in place to compete effectively.

Apart from allowing your travel company to compete for customers, there are several other ways a properly planned and implemented digital marketing campaign can benefit your business, as you are about to see.

Multiple Routes To Market

When most people see the words digital marketing they immediately think of ‘internet’ as though that was just one opportunity, but it actually offers multiple opportunities to acquire travel customers. These manifest themselves as the properties and locations online where, if you have an effective marketing plan, potential customers will find you. Some examples are:

  • Website: The most obvious is your travel company website, which provides so many ways for you to engage with those who visit it, and to turn them from prospects to paying customers.
  • Social Media: One of the biggest phenomenon of recent years is the growth of social media. There are many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, to name but two, and if you have a presence on those which are appropriate for your business you will build a following, and a relationship with those who you want to become customers
  • Content Sites: Online content comes in many forms such as text, audio, images, and video. By using all of these mediums you can educate and inform those who see it to build trust, and more significantly, a relationship with them that makes you the travel company they go to when they wish to make a booking.
  • Influencer Sites: Every niche has its influencers online where lots of people go to for advice, reviews, and their musings on what is happening within that subject area. Having a relationship with the influencers can benefit your travel company, especially if they allow you to have guest posts, articles, or other content on their website.


September 21, 2016
Camping Getaway

10 Most Important Essentials When Traveling On A Camping Getaway

Camping is a great way to enjoy a holiday with a difference. Unlike traveling to a hotel where everything is entirely new, a camp is like a home because everything is carried in a recreational vehicle. However, you must be prepared with all items from cooking requirements to power supply among others. For your camping getaway, it is important to ensure you have the following 10 essentials.

  • Personal shopping

While most top hotels provide everything from bathing towels to toilet supplies, it is completely different in a campground. You must be prepared with personal shopping and everything that will be required. Take time to plan for the meals you will require, gas cookers, clothing and food supplies.


July 22, 2016
Does Your Travel Company Need Website SEO

Does Your Travel Company Need Website SEO?

There is no denying that the travel industry is one of the most competitive there is, given the number of choices people have when making their travel and holiday plans. With most people searching online for travel companies the SEO professionals at report it is crucial that travel companies who want to compete online maximise the opportunity that SEO provides them.

By opportunity, what they mean is that SEO provides local and smaller travel companies a chance to compete online for customers with some of the larger travel companies that exist, including those who may have huge advertising budgets, and who rely solely on paid advertising. These larger companies often ignore SEO and prefer to spend continuously to get new customers, leaving the SEO route open to other travel companies.

The issue that any company has, whether it be in the travel industry or not, is that in order to benefit from paid advertising and to receive traffic from paid online sources, the money flow has to be kept turned on at all times. In other words, the minute they decide to stop paying for paid online ads is the minute that the flow of visitors to their website stops too. No visitors = no prospects = no sales.


March 16, 2016

Ten Tricks That Will Help You Ski Like A Pro In The Mountains

A slide from the top of a frozen mountain to the foot is magical. It creates a unique connection to the mountain having conquered it with sledges and skiing poles. While you might have seen other people ski down the Rockies or Alps at top speed and wondered how they manage it; you can also ski down like a pro. Here are top tips that will help you ski like a pro on the mountain of choice.

  • Get the right ski: Getting the right ski’s is the bottom line to skiing like a pro. Though some people tend to think that the right ski is the one other successful skiers use, it is a misconception. You should look for the ski’s that fit well on your feet and are capable of balancing yourself when flying down the frozen mountain.
  • Take time to learn all the skills: Just like surfing, skiing requires a lot of learning. You need to appreciate the concept and try it on the trails. Lucky enough, most skiing destinations are full of experienced trainers who will help you with balancing and navigating through the trails.


November 22, 2015
Enjoyable Watersports

Five Most Enjoyable Watersports To Try This Holiday

Planning for a holiday? Ensure to make it more enjoyable by including several water sports. In the last couple of decades, the holiday has shifted from simply relaxing in the hotel room to exploring nature and learning new skills. In this post, we bring you the best water sports to get involved in this holiday.

  • Surfing

Surfing is a unique water sport considered as a way of life for many communities in the world. The sport was first practiced in Hawaii when its inhabitants learnt that they can float on the board and ride on waves. Over time the sport has become sensational and an irresistible activity for people on holiday. Well, try it once, and it will become part of you in a special way.

To enjoy this sport, you need to select a great destination such as the Hawaii Islands, the Miami beaches, or Caribbean countries among others. Then, get down to basics of balancing on the board. It is advisable to get some coaching on selecting the right board, paddling, and balancing as you surf in the direction of the wave. Then, lifting your body and planting the legs on the surfboard, get control of the weight and surf away. With a few trials, you will develop the skills and surf off like a pro.


July 15, 2015
Take a Holiday

Reasons to Take a Holiday

You may think people go on holiday just for fun, but when you look into it you can see there are more reasons than that. Only the most flexible business people such as the so-called ‘digital nomad’ choose a holiday destination by sticking a pin in the map. They maybe able to work anywhere such as an SEO expert, web designer or copywriter. Finding out just why you want to take a holiday will help you to choose the right destination and have the kind of holiday that you really want.

Here are some reasons you may want to go on holiday

  • If you are physically and mentally tired out, going on holiday is a good way to recover. But you’ll need to choose a destination that allows you to rest and relax in the way you love. Maybe you’d like to be pampered at a spa, or perhaps learning yoga is more your thing. Many people like to lie on the soft sand of a beach and listen to the sound of the waves.


July 11, 2015
Visit Miami

Places To Visit In Miami This Spring

From having perfect weather the entire year and miles of sandy beaches, the reasons for visiting Miami are endless. In the lovely sandy beaches, visitors enjoy sipping their wine or mojitos to make the stay unforgettable. But there is more to Miami than relaxing on the lovely sandy beaches.

A trip to the Everglades will provide you with a perfect opportunity to meet or even feed the great American alligator. It will be a moment to remember for the rest of your life. Here are more places that you should visit when traveling to Miami.

The Everglades Safari Park

Whether using an airboat or a buggy, you can whip through the Everglades to get the best shot of the alligators in their natural environment. Make sure to wade from a safe distance. You can experience the fierce alligator fights as they try to control various territories or even pet the babies. The park is also full of other wildlife, and it will be an invaluable place to visit.

The Zoo Miami and Jungle Island

The design of the Zoo Miami and Jungle Island was meant to give Miami residents and visitors a taste of the wilderness. The management ensures there are as many animals from the entire world for people to see and learn. While the Tiger is Native to the mountains and jungles around the Himalayas, you do not need to book a flight; simply visit the Miami’s Jungle Island. Other animals you can experience in the Jungle Island include the Lemurs, howler monkeys, macaws, zebras, and giraffes.


January 8, 2015
Travelling To Alaska

Five Must Do Things When Travelling To Alaska

Alaska, the northernmost state of the United States is famed for its unique wildlife and scenic beauty. Travelers enjoy sharing the same environment with the polar bears that roam far and wide from the Artic to Alaska. As a holiday destination, Alaska provides a separate experience from other regions in the US regarding culture and climate. To get more from this 49th state of the US, here are five must-do things.

  • Board the famous Riverboat Discovery

The famous Riverboat Discovery is a three hours cruise journey through the rivers of Alaska. The trip takes visitors to the heart of this great state and introduces them to communities that have made Alaska their way of life. On the trip, you enjoy bush floatplanes taking off, visiting the home of the famous Iditarod winner, Susan Butcher, and her famous sledge dogs doing their thing.

The boat ride cannot be complete without experiencing the ancient Athabascan Indian culture. The expert tour guides will take you to the Chena Indian Village to get a slice of the Alaskan history. You will be surprised to learn how much Alaska has developed while keeping its history intact. It is the surest way to go native and be part of the great history.

  • Go soaking in the Chena hot springs

The Chena hot springs are famous for their healing capabilities and beautiful aurora borealis, especially in winter. The natural spa creates a unique connection to nature that will have an impact in your entire life. While some explain that a dip into the hot springs is magical, the appreciation that the water has been heated by the hot rocks deep in the earth makes one appreciate the greatness of nature.


October 7, 2014

Most Useful Safety Measures When Going Out For Snowmobiling

No other activity will bring you closer to nature and develop deep affection with it like snowmobiling. The notion of conquering the greatness of a mountain holds a unique place in the heart of mountain lovers. You can also experience this thrill by going snowmobiling in Alaska, Rockies, or the Alps. To conquer every mountain more effectively and get higher value for your holiday, here are some safety measures when out snowmobiling.

Put on the right clothes and protective gear

As you move up the mountains, it gets colder and wetter. Your ride will only be more enjoyable if you stay warm. You should look for a snowmobile suit that includes jackets and special bibs. It is also important to always dress in layers designed from wool to reduce the loss of heat from the body. Always stay away from cotton because it will make you freeze within a very short time.


June 28, 2014
Most Enthralling Places

Five Most Enthralling Places To Visit This Holiday

The holiday time is finally here, and everybody wants to travel in a unique way. In the past, many people preferred to travel and rest in top hotels. Not any longer. The trend has changed tremendously as people want to get greater value from their holiday. The focus is getting destinations that present an opportunity for diverse exploration and connection to nature.

  • Hawaii in the Pacific

You probably saw an active volcano pouring hot lava from the core of the earth in documentaries or images. But, you can experience the same in reality. Hawaii, commonly known as PARADISE is probably the best place to experience raw nature. The island is home to active volcanoes where you can see top volcanic activities in action. Plan to visit the Volcanoes National Park, the Maui Ocean Center, and Haleakala National Park for a unique experience.


February 22, 2014

A Closer Look At Hawaii: 5 Best Places To Visit This Holiday

When the name Paradise is mentioned, what crosses a traveler’s mind is one place; Hawaii. Hawaii made its name when Japan hit it at the height of the Second World War. This prompted the US to enter the war and ultimately end it with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Apart from the war memories, Hawaii, an archipelago deep in the Pacific overflows with beautiful sceneries and virgin landscapes. Here are the five best places to visit in Hawaii.

  • The USS Memorial at Pearl Harbor

This memorial is visited by more than 2 million people every year because of its great significance to the US and indeed, the entire globe. The memorial is the point that marked the beginning of WWII for the United States. It is now run as part of the National Park Service. You can check in to follow a film of the great bombing at the height of WWII. You could ask for guided tours with headphones that outline every aspect on the memorial. The moment you enter the park, everything that happened during the Pearl Harbor becomes real, and you can experience war in reality. What a great way to take the mind back in time?


December 15, 2013
Balinese Dance

Enjoy Balinese Dance Performances on your Bali Vacation

Your Bali vacation is going to offer you all kinds of Balinese experiences and that includes traditional Balinese dances. In a week, you can see Barong, Legong, and Kecak dances, gamelan orchestras, wayang kulit puppets, Ramayana ballets, and Mahabharata ballets. There’s no question that traditional Balinese dances are popular. Kick back and be mesmerized by the performers possessed by divine spirits, dancing on fire, and telling a legendary story.

Sanghyang Trance Dance

This is a dance that’s focus is to exorcize evil spirits that can cause members of a village to become sick or worse die. Smell the incense wafting through the air as the choir begins to chant and pray to put the dancers into a trance.

The Kecak Dance

This is a dance that uses a group of men that is 50+ who sit in a large circle around a blazing torch. This is also known as the monkey dance because of the harsh rhythms and sounds the men make. This dance is the musical accompaniment for the narrator and actors who the audience finds themselves spellbound by.


October 1, 2013
Mountain Activities

7 Top Mountain Activities To Try This Holiday

The mountains signify greatness. When a traveler decides to go to the mountains for a holiday, the activities involved help to conquer them and create special attachment. Whether it is during winter or warmer months, the mountains will always have something special to offer travelers. Here are the top 7 mountain activities that you must try this summer.

  • Skiing

This is the best activity when traveling to a snow covered mountain. Most mountains in the temperate climates have a lot of snow and are, therefore, great places for skiing. To ski, you need to move up to the highest point using a lift and then slide down to the bottom using a ski. You will also need to have the right clothing and protective gear such as helmet, skiing boots, and gloves. You should also have skiing poles to balance well on the skiing tracks.


August 7, 2013
Chinese Tourists

Bali to See More Chinese Tourists in 2013

According to The National News Agency Antara, because of an agreement that has been signed to start charter flights between China and Bali, it is predicted to impact the number of tourists that come to Bali as well as two other Indonesia destinations.

An Indonesian company by the name of PT QATA Restu Dewati has entered into an agreement with Shangai’s Qiansheng International Travel Service Co. Ltd. In fact, recently a ceremony was held in China at the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy.

The Bali travel industry recognizes that China is a huge potential market, not just for Bali, but for Indonesia as a whole. Currently Bali only secures a small percent of the approx. 80 million Chinese who travel every year. That’s really low, and so it’s evident that the excitement is brewing that this flight will boost the number of Chinese visitors Bali sees.


March 12, 2013
Bali Villas

Private Bali Villas Now Offer Alternative to Hotel Stays

We have all gone on vacation and stayed in hotels, but it’s never quite the experience that we hope for. Hotels and resorts are busy places and the only place you can find some privacy is in your room, which for the most part, even the nicest are compact. After all, resorts and hotels are designed to maximize the number of guests for the maximum profits. So if you are tired of that type of vacation environment, Bali has an excellent alternative – private Bali villas.

Now most people hear Bali villas and think they are something that only the rich can afford. Actually, that’s simply not true. Thanks to the increased availability of Bali villas, there now are many options and that means there are also many price points.

There are now Bali villas scattered throughout the island – some are in the centre of activity, while others are tucked away in a nicely secluded area. This means no matter what type of vacation experience you would like you can have it at a Bali villa.


March 4, 2013
sustainability on holidays

12 Tips for Sustainability on Holidays

While it is relatively easy to follow sustainable practices while at home, once you go on holidays it becomes more difficult because so many holiday resources are geared towards the short term and the throwaway. To mention just a few, there are throwaway cameras, one use shampoo – meaning more packaging – and all those takeaway mugs and sandwich containers for the traveller who is passing through.

So if you are interested in remaining eco friendly while on holidays you may have to work a little harder at it. But at the same time you’ll enjoy yourself more in many ways. So here are some tips for sustainability while on holidays that are not too difficult to implement and may even save you costs.

  • If you are going by air, remember those carbon emissions that can be offset. Most airlines provide the option.


February 4, 2013
Vacation Destinations in Bali

Top Vacation Destinations in Bali Revealed

Recently members of Bali tourism have released some of the top vacation destination on the island of Bali, and now is a great time to share that information.

Uluwatu – A visit to the Uluwatu temple is a must. From there you can head over to Dreamland Beach and enjoy the stunning view of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana park. From your Jimbaran Villa it’s an easy drive.

Alas Kedaton – Come see the hundreds of tame monkeys that are just waiting for you to arrive. While there, head to the base of Kedaton and take in a breathtaking sunset.

Ubud – Head to Ubud and visit the amazing sights of Pura Goa Gajah, the rice terraces, and Tegallalang village scenery. Then head to the Kintamani and take in the stunning view of the lake. Stop by the temple, visit the water park, and remember to take in Mount Batur, which is still active.


April 21, 2012
Organising your Event

12 Tips for Organising Your Event

No event can happen unless it is organised first.  Whether it is easy to org.

anise or not will depend on what kind of event you are having. For instance a simple birthday party with friends and family will be easier to organise than a wedding reception for 400. But one thing they have in common is the need for a dj, so you have plenty of music and someone to play it.

Hiring a professional dj is also good if you need an MC as many disc jockeys also add that talent to their list of skills. Having a Master of Ceremonies takes a great deal of pressure off the host who then has time to meet and greet the guests without worrying about having to guide the event along.


March 21, 2012