To take someone from their very first contact with a business, through each step towards them becoming a paying client, they must be persuaded to take some form of action. As your digital agency will tell you, the main way this is achieved online is with the use of great copywriting which appears on online marketing channels.

When it comes to your holiday villa marketing business, you will know better than us what your current digital marketing strategy is, and where your potential clients are exposed to your offers and promotions. The conversion rate of these promotions will be greatly influenced by how well any sales messages and promotional material is written, and these come under the umbrella of copywriting.

In fact, wherever it is located online, and whichever medium is used, be it text, audio, or video, the words which people read or hear are the words originally  written by a copywriter, and the more skilled that copywriter is, the more likely that their words are going to convince someone to take action.

It is not the case that every piece of copywriting is designed to get someone to pay for a product or service. Whilst that can be its function, and admittedly a crucial one, copywriting can also be used in persuading someone to take a particular action. The action might not be to buy something, but it will be part of the sales funnel which leads towards a sale. There are numerous actions that great copywriting can be used for on your website, and some common ones are listed below.

  • Request A Brochure Or Prospectus
  • Ask For Advice
  • Complete A ‘Contact Us’ Form
  • Enter Their Email Address
  • Arrange An Appointment
  • Click Through To Another Page Of The Website
  • Enter Their Telephone Number
  • Make A Call To The Number Of The Current Website Page
  • Instigate A Live Text Chat
  • Download Sales/Marketing Material

You will obviously be able to add to this list depending on which specific calls to action you have on your own website, but the key point is each of these takes the prospect a step closer to being a customer. The only way in which any individual will take any of these steps is if they have been persuaded to do so, and that brings us back to the role of copywriting.

It is important to understand that the art of great copywriting is one that not only involves great writing but writing which touches on the emotions and feelings of those exposed to it. Whether they are reading the words or listening to them, a person will not take an action just because it is the logical thing to do. Instead, they need to be motivated to do so.

That motivation will be sparked by one of three key emotions which are excitement, urgency, and fear. If your copywriting excites someone enough they will take action. If your copywriting can convinces someone the time to act is now, not later, they will take that action. Finally, if your copywriting can engender fear of missing out on something they believe will benefit them, then they will take action to ensure that they do indeed receive that benefit.

It must be borne in mind, there is a huge difference between just writing words, and copywriting that can speak to a person’s desires, fears, needs, and wants. Master copywriting for yourself or employ someone who has mastered copywriting already and the positive impact on your business can be massive.