Options For How Often You Should Email Your Holiday Resort's Email Subscribers

Options For How Often You Should Email Your Holiday Resort’s Email Subscribers

The array of digital marketing options, strategies, and tools available to holiday resort businesses is extensive, and it is little wonder that many owners of these holiday resorts scratch their heads wondering which one they should focus on. If you were to ask Peter Brittain, and any other digital marketing expert in unison they would say that email marketing is the one online marketing strategy that remains effective for all business types, provided it is used correctly.

The key phrase in that last sentence is ‘used correctly’ because the sad fact is that so many business owners and marketers use email in ways that are nowhere close to being correct. This is partly due to the double-edged sword of an email being so easy to send. It is a great way to market to many people, however, its ease of use also means email is abused, either deliberately, or unwittingly. Whichever it is, it is wrong.

If we leave those who purposely send spam for now, and instead focus on one of the biggest mistakes made by those who are not necessarily trying to abuse the use of email, but simply do not know how to use it properly, we come to how often you should send email to your subscribers. This is a question that has vexed business owners and marketers for many a year, and the simple truth is there is no magical answer that will apply to every business.


October 20, 2021
How Great Copywriting Can Transform Your Holiday Villa Marketing Business’s Digital Marketing

How Great Copywriting Can Transform Your Holiday Villa Marketing Business’s Digital Marketing

To take someone from their very first contact with a business, through each step towards them becoming a paying client, they must be persuaded to take some form of action. As your digital agency will tell you, the main way this is achieved online is with the use of great copywriting which appears on online marketing channels.

When it comes to your holiday villa marketing business, you will know better than us what your current digital marketing strategy is, and where your potential clients are exposed to your offers and promotions. The conversion rate of these promotions will be greatly influenced by how well any sales messages and promotional material is written, and these come under the umbrella of copywriting.

In fact, wherever it is located online, and whichever medium is used, be it text, audio, or video, the words which people read or hear are the words originally  written by a copywriter, and the more skilled that copywriter is, the more likely that their words are going to convince someone to take action.


September 17, 2021

5 Key Website Design Features Your Holiday Resort Website Should Have

There are several reasons why you may need a new website for your holiday resort business and whether it is for a new company, to replace an ineffective website, or if you are rebranding your business, your new website must include certain design criteria. The web design specialists at www.cheap-web-design.com.au will tell you that if any of these core design features are missing, your website will not be as successful as it could.

When we use the term ‘website design features’, we are not referring to specific visual elements, such as the border, the colours, or the fonts. Instead, we mean certain criteria that add to the overall functioning of the website, and most importantly, give you a better chance of converting those who visit that new website from prospects to paying customers. Here are 5 of the most important of those website design criteria.

It Must Be Designed With Visitors In Min

The most important people who should have any influence on how your website is designed are not the programmers, the graphics designers, or you, the owner of the business. In fact, it is the visitors who will ultimately be visiting and navigating through that site, and as such, everything included in the design must be created with a view to making it enhance the experience of those who visit the website. In other words, keep it simple, make website navigation easy.


June 17, 2021
Does Your Travel Company Need Website SEO

Does Your Travel Company Need Website SEO?

There is no denying that the travel industry is one of the most competitive there is, given the number of choices people have when making their travel and holiday plans. With most people searching online for travel companies, the professionals at the SEO company report it is crucial that travel companies who want to compete online maximise the opportunity that SEO provides them.

By opportunity, what they mean is that SEO provides local and smaller travel companies a chance to compete online for customers with some of the larger travel companies that exist, including those who may have huge advertising budgets, and who rely solely on paid advertising. These larger companies often ignore SEO and prefer to spend continuously to get new customers, leaving the SEO route open to other travel companies.

The issue that any company has, whether it be in the travel industry or not, is that in order to benefit from paid advertising and to receive traffic from paid online sources, the money flow has to be kept turned on at all times. In other words, the minute they decide to stop paying for paid online ads is the minute that the flow of visitors to their website stops too. No visitors = no prospects = no sales.


March 16, 2021
Does Your Travel Company Need Digital Marketing?

Does Your Travel Company Need Digital Marketing?

Everyone loves to travel, and that is likely to be one of the reasons that the travel industry is such a competitive one. The need to attract customers versus them going to your competitors is significant and that is why a professional digital marketing agency will strongly recommend that travel companies have a digital marketing strategy in place to compete effectively.

Apart from allowing your travel company to compete for customers, there are several other ways a properly planned and implemented digital marketing campaign can benefit your business, as you are about to see.

Multiple Routes To Market

When most people see the words digital marketing they immediately think of ‘internet’ as though that was just one opportunity, but it actually offers multiple opportunities to acquire travel customers. These manifest themselves as the properties and locations online where, if you have an effective marketing plan, potential customers will find you. Some examples are:

  • Website: The most obvious is your travel company website, which provides so many ways for you to engage with those who visit it, and to turn them from prospects to paying customers.


September 21, 2020