Everyone loves to travel, and that is likely to be one of the reasons that the travel industry is such a competitive one. The need to attract customers versus them going to your competitors is significant and that is why a professional digital marketing agency will strongly recommend that travel companies have a digital marketing strategy in place to compete effectively.

Apart from allowing your travel company to compete for customers, there are several other ways a properly planned and implemented digital marketing campaign can benefit your business, as you are about to see.

Multiple Routes To Market

When most people see the words digital marketing they immediately think of ‘internet’ as though that was just one opportunity, but it actually offers multiple opportunities to acquire travel customers. These manifest themselves as the properties and locations online where, if you have an effective marketing plan, potential customers will find you. Some examples are:

  • Website: The most obvious is your travel company website, which provides so many ways for you to engage with those who visit it, and to turn them from prospects to paying customers.

  • Social Media: One of the biggest phenomenon of recent years is the growth of social media. There are many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, to name but two, and if you have a presence on those which are appropriate for your business you will build a following, and a relationship with those who you want to become customers
  • Content Sites: Online content comes in many forms such as text, audio, images, and video. By using all of these mediums you can educate and inform those who see it to build trust, and more significantly, a relationship with them that makes you the travel company they go to when they wish to make a booking.
  • Influencer Sites: Every niche has its influencers online where lots of people go to for advice, reviews, and their musings on what is happening within that subject area. Having a relationship with the influencers can benefit your travel company, especially if they allow you to have guest posts, articles, or other content on their website.

It Evens Up The Competitive Market

As we mentioned in the introduction, travel is a highly competitive industry, and it could be said some of the bigger players with their massive advertising budgets, have a competitive advantage. That may be true, but only to a point. We say that because an effective digital marketing campaign does not mean you have to spend the millions that these larger companies do.

In fact, for a relatively small investment, you can see a huge return in terms of customer acquisition online, and better still, whereas paid ads often provide only a one-off benefit, digital marketing done correctly, can provide benefits over a longer period.

Your Digital Marketing Campaign Can Be Tailored To Your Travel Company

One of the great things about digital marketing is that it is so versatile and thus any campaign can be made bespoke for the company it is being created for. This is particularly important within the travel niche given that it too has so many different facets to it.

Not every travel company will be offering the same travel products so whether you are focused on family package holidays, travel for students, adventure trips, cruises, or skiing holidays in the Swiss Alps, your marketing agency will be able to provide you with a digital marketing plan that is suited to and targeted towards the online audience most suited to your travel products and services.