What Divorced Parents Should Know About Child Travel Consent Forms

What Divorced Parents Should Know About Child Travel Consent Forms

If you are divorced and have children, family lawyers will tell you that if you wish to take them out of the country for a vacation or any other reason, then there are certain procedures and documentation that should be completed. Some of the documents you may already have, including the children’s passports and birth certificates, however, there is another which you may need, namely a Child Travel Consent Form.

Child Travel Consent Form – What Is It?

A child travel consent form is a document that can be used by parents and guardians of children to prove to authorities that a child is lawfully able to travel with them, including overseas, and has permission to do so, either from both parents or an absent parent where the child’s parents are divorced. Depending on the divorce settlement and orders relating to child custody and visitation, it may also be required to travel with a child to another state.


March 2, 2024
The Risks of Getting Laser Surgery Done Overseas

The Risks of Getting Laser Surgery Done Overseas

In the realm of aesthetics and corrective procedures, the allure of finding the perfect solution often sends many of us on a quest far beyond our local boundaries. With the promise of lower costs and exotic destinations, the trend of seeking laser surgery overseas has seen a significant rise among Australians.

However, beneath the glossy brochures and alluring price tags lies a series of risks that many fail to see until it’s too late. As a voice from the Australian laser eye surgery community, we urge you to consider the safer path of trusting local expertise. Let us take you through the compelling reasons why staying closer to home for your surgery might just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Understanding the Risks

  • Quality of Care and Standards The most glaring difference often lies in the standards of care. Australia boasts stringent healthcare regulations, ensuring that both the facilities and the professionals performing your laser surgery meet high standards. Overseas, these regulations can be markedly different or unevenly enforced.


January 15, 2024

5 Top Tips For Travelling With Valuable Jewellery

Whenever you plan on going on a long trip or a vacation overseas, a long list of matters must be decided upon. For many reading this, that will include the importance of what valuable jewellery you are taking with you. Checking your passport is up to date, booking a taxi to take you to the airport, and ensuring that the clothes you are taking will all fit in your luggage are important, but for lovers of their jewellery, this will take precedence.

To many people, the jewellery you take with you might be an automatic choice. That could be because you only ever wear a small range of beloved jewellery special to you, or you have jewellery which is your ‘go to’ jewellery every time you travel. However, suppose neither of those two scenarios applies to you. In that case, might be unsure how to proceed when taking valuable jewellery on vacation or a long trip away from home.

Fear not, because if you read further, you will see that we have outlined five tips we have gathered from seeking out the best advice and recommendations from those who travel often and, more significantly, from those who travel with valuable jewellery when they are away from home. These tips from jewellers give you some pointers on choosing what jewellery to take and ensure your valuable jewellery will be safe.


June 28, 2023
How To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying If It Is Stopping You From Going To Bali For Your Dream Holiday

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying If It Is Stopping You From Going To Bali For Your Dream Holiday

If you are keen to have a holiday in Bali and plan to rent one of the stunning Bali villas which are available, there could be several things that prevent you from doing so. It might be work or business commitments meaning you cannot get the time off, family matters which you must attend to, or it could be what prevents up to 7% of people from having an overseas holiday, and that is an extreme fear of flying, also known as aerophobia.

Let us first say that there are lots of people who consider themselves nervous flyers. Even people who have several overseas holidays per year admit that they get a sense of uneasiness whilst flying, especially if the plane they are on encounters some severe turbulence. However, whilst they might be nervous flyers, they can at least to can get on a plane and fly to their holiday destination.

What we are going to address, or rather who, are those whose fear of flying stops them from even getting on a plane and, as such, prevents them from booking overseas holidays, including to Bali. We cannot wave a magic wand, and suddenly, your fear of flying will disappear; However, what we can do is give you some advice that can hopefully get you closer to a point where you can fly, especially for your dream holiday to Bali.


March 17, 2023
Options For How Often You Should Email Your Holiday Resort's Email Subscribers

Options For How Often You Should Email Your Holiday Resort’s Email Subscribers

The array of digital marketing options, strategies, and tools available to holiday resort businesses is extensive, and it is little wonder that many owners of these holiday resorts scratch their heads wondering which one they should focus on. If you were to ask Peter Brittain, and any other digital marketing expert in unison they would say that email marketing is the one online marketing strategy that remains effective for all business types, provided it is used correctly.

The key phrase in that last sentence is ‘used correctly’ because the sad fact is that so many business owners and marketers use email in ways that are nowhere close to being correct. This is partly due to the double-edged sword of an email being so easy to send. It is a great way to market to many people, however, its ease of use also means email is abused, either deliberately, or unwittingly. Whichever it is, it is wrong.

If we leave those who purposely send spam for now, and instead focus on one of the biggest mistakes made by those who are not necessarily trying to abuse the use of email, but simply do not know how to use it properly, we come to how often you should send email to your subscribers. This is a question that has vexed business owners and marketers for many a year, and the simple truth is there is no magical answer that will apply to every business.


October 20, 2021
How Great Copywriting Can Transform Your Holiday Villa Marketing Business’s Digital Marketing

How Great Copywriting Can Transform Your Holiday Villa Marketing Business’s Digital Marketing

To take someone from their very first contact with a business, through each step towards them becoming a paying client, they must be persuaded to take some form of action. As your digital agency will tell you, the main way this is achieved online is with the use of great copywriting which appears on online marketing channels.

When it comes to your holiday villa marketing business, you will know better than us what your current digital marketing strategy is, and where your potential clients are exposed to your offers and promotions. The conversion rate of these promotions will be greatly influenced by how well any sales messages and promotional material is written, and these come under the umbrella of copywriting.

In fact, wherever it is located online, and whichever medium is used, be it text, audio, or video, the words which people read or hear are the words originally  written by a copywriter, and the more skilled that copywriter is, the more likely that their words are going to convince someone to take action.


September 17, 2021

Top Reasons Why Men Are Getting Botox

Even though Botox has long been touted as a cosmetic injectable for women, it’s not only women that can benefit from them. In fact, ask any man, and they will likely see at least one benefit of having it for themselves.

If you’re a man who has been thinking about Botox, and you’re just not sure if it’s for you, here are just a few of the many reasons why other men like you are saying ‘yes’ to Botox.

To Improve Their Self Esteem and Confidence

Men, like women, can find it challenging to let the natural aging process take its course. Seeing frown lines, fine lines, and wrinkles appear, seemingly in the blink of an eye, can cause your self-esteem to take a hammering.

Botox addresses those lines and wrinkles so that you can feel more confident. You might even think you look much younger, too! The best part is, Botox lasts for three months or longer, and you can also receive “top-up” injections. As a result, you can sustain the look of smoother skin for as long as you like.


September 8, 2021

7 Of The Best Shopping Destinations In Bali

One thing that every tourist loves to do when they travel to a different part of the world on vacation is go shopping, and if that destination happens to be Bali, then they are spoilt for choice. Bali is home to some of the most diverse shopping experiences you can imagine, with everything from traditional street markets to huge air conditioned shopping malls.

The range of products that you can purchase is also huge with handcrafted goods, local brands, international goods, and of course, the quintessential souvenirs of Bali that every tourist wants to take home. To give you some indication of the diversity of shopping destinations you have in Bali, here are seven of them.

Ubud Art Market: If you are looking for local and traditional art, carvings, jewellery, and textiles then Ubud Art Market is the place you will find them. Many of them come from local villages and prices are very reasonable. This market is referred to as Pasar Seni Market by locals.

Beachwalk Shopping Centre, Kuta: If you wish to combine a bit of upmarket shopping with some entertainment you will find them at the Beachwalk Shopping Centre in Kuta. Modern, with all amenities, it plays host to a host of brand name stores such as H&M, Gap, and Fossil. It also has plenty of places where you can eat, a children’s play area, and as for entertainment, there are dance shows and a musical fountain.

August 27, 2021

5 Key Website Design Features Your Holiday Resort Website Should Have

There are several reasons why you may need a new website for your holiday resort business and whether it is for a new company, to replace an ineffective website, or if you are rebranding your business, your new website must include certain design criteria. The web design specialists at www.cheap-web-design.com.au will tell you that if any of these core design features are missing, your website will not be as successful as it could.

When we use the term ‘website design features’, we are not referring to specific visual elements, such as the border, the colours, or the fonts. Instead, we mean certain criteria that add to the overall functioning of the website, and most importantly, give you a better chance of converting those who visit that new website from prospects to paying customers. Here are 5 of the most important of those website design criteria.

It Must Be Designed With Visitors In Min

The most important people who should have any influence on how your website is designed are not the programmers, the graphics designers, or you, the owner of the business. In fact, it is the visitors who will ultimately be visiting and navigating through that site, and as such, everything included in the design must be created with a view to making it enhance the experience of those who visit the website. In other words, keep it simple, make website navigation easy.


June 17, 2021
Does Your Travel Company Need Website SEO

Does Your Travel Company Need Website SEO?

There is no denying that the travel industry is one of the most competitive there is, given the number of choices people have when making their travel and holiday plans. With most people searching online for travel companies, the professionals at the SEO company report it is crucial that travel companies who want to compete online maximise the opportunity that SEO provides them.

By opportunity, what they mean is that SEO provides local and smaller travel companies a chance to compete online for customers with some of the larger travel companies that exist, including those who may have huge advertising budgets, and who rely solely on paid advertising. These larger companies often ignore SEO and prefer to spend continuously to get new customers, leaving the SEO route open to other travel companies.

The issue that any company has, whether it be in the travel industry or not, is that in order to benefit from paid advertising and to receive traffic from paid online sources, the money flow has to be kept turned on at all times. In other words, the minute they decide to stop paying for paid online ads is the minute that the flow of visitors to their website stops too. No visitors = no prospects = no sales.


March 16, 2021