After you’ve finished lounging on the beach sipping cocktails then relaxing in Bali villas, anywhere else with lower temperatures will seem ice cold. After all, it doesn’t take long to acclimatise to the warm and tropical climes in Bali, soaking up the rays after being office-bound for eight hours a day.

However, now that you have experienced luxury and extremely desirable temperatures, have you ever thought about visiting somewhere on the extreme end of the scale? Here are five of the coldest destinations that are well worth a visit. They may not offer the warmth and tropical atmosphere of Bali, but they sure do offer something unique and special.

Rovaniemi, Finland

If the less than balmy “average” temperature of -12 degrees Celsius doesn’t put you off, then it might be worth a trip to Rovaniemi in Finland. While there’s no denying you’ll need to rug up – to the point of wearing all your packed luggage as soon as you arrive – it will be well worth the experience.

In Finland during the winter, you may be cold, but you will be rewarded. Visiting in the middle of winter offers plenty of Christmas-like festive fun, while the possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis is also another draw card as well.

Rogers Pass, Montana

If you weren’t already daydreaming about travelling to Bali and relaxing in Bali villas or poolside, then the thought of freezing your extremities off in Montana, United States will encourage it. Believe it or not, some of the coldest temperatures you will ever experience are only a short trip away to the United States.

On a mountain pass which lies between Great Falls and Missoula, Rogers Pass offers a windchill factor of -56 degrees Celsius, and an average January temperature of around -23 degrees Celsius. If you feel like frostbite, a trip to Montana is a must. The upside is – it is a beautiful spot.

Yellow Knife, Canada

Yellow Knife in Canada is one of the coldest towns in North America. It averages a temperature in January of around -29 degrees Celsius. If you can brave the cold, then you will be amazed by the culture and heritage available in Yellow Knife. This Northwest Territories capital is a must-visit destination after the contrasting temperatures of Bali villas across the ocean.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

How many people can say they have been to Antarctica? Very few. After staying in Bali villas where you would have no doubt got a taste for travel, you can now set your sights on somewhere more extreme, a settlement with 1,000 residents in summer and average mid-winter temperatures of around -30 degrees Celsius.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

While it might not be a city with its image splashed all over tourist pamphlets, it doesn’t make it any less worth a visit. This beautiful Mongolian city, while as cold as -34 degrees Celsius in winter, is a vibrant and attractive tourist destination. It is known for its colorful and rich buildings and a myriad of festivals. Its less proud title is being the coldest capital city in the world.

Even if you prefer the comfort of Bali villas and beachside resorts, there’s never any harm in seeing what else the world has to offer. If you’re up for a challenge, grab the fluffiest jacket you can find and head for the colder climes.