Visitors to Kuta find that there is something for everyone. This is a world class destination that is visited by people from all parts of the world. There are elegant and luxurious Bali villas available for a very reasonable price when you compare prices on Bali villas in other parts of the country. There are also many excellent hotels available including the Hard Rock Hotel, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Harris Hotels, Kuta Bali Hotel and the Mercurre Hotels. All of these hotels and Bali villas will allow you to feel comfortable while in a very elegant setting.

Kuta Villas

A lot of people visit Kuta to go surfing. You can get to the beaches where surfing is amazing by car, by taking a taxi or on a motorbike. However, if you choose the right hotel or Bali villa you will be able to walk to the beach. This is the best choice for people who want to surf because the traffic in Kuta is very heavy and it can take a long time to get anywhere.

Kuta has enough activities to keep anyone busy or you can spend your holiday doing nothing. If you wish to shop, dine at elegant restaurants or go out to clubs you will love the many options that are available near your Bali villa. There are many nightclubs in Kuta that generally don’t get really busy until after midnight. You can enjoy a quiet drink at these clubs and bars before that time but don’t expect a lot of people to be out. There are people from all around the world that come to Kuta so you can meet and get to know all sorts of different people which is very exciting. You can also spend your holiday surfing and even take a surfing class if you are new to the sport while in Kuta. If you want to just relax, you can lay on the beach and soak up the sun.

Ladies especially enjoy the opportunities to pamper themselves while they are staying at a Bali villa in Kuta. Getting your hair braided costs less than $6, getting a manicure or pedicure costs around $10 and a shoulder massage costs around $5. A temporary tattoo will only cost you around $3 in Kuta. Men and women alike who like to try new foods will enjoy visiting the food stalls on the streets in Kuta. There are many local specialities to be found there including Sweet Rojak, Teh Botol, Nasiu Udik and Nasi Padang. It is important to use good judgement when you eat from these food stalls, though, because they do not follow the same health standards as other places.

Kuta is a great place to rent a Bali villa so you can relax on the beach, watch the sunset, feel the breeze from the sea on your face and meet new people.