Whenever you plan on going on a long trip or a vacation overseas, a long list of matters must be decided upon. For many reading this, that will include the importance of what valuable jewellery you are taking with you. Checking your passport is up to date, booking a taxi to take you to the airport, and ensuring that the clothes you are taking will all fit in your luggage are important, but for lovers of their jewellery, this will take precedence.

To many people, the jewellery you take with you might be an automatic choice. That could be because you only ever wear a small range of beloved jewellery special to you, or you have jewellery which is your ‘go to’ jewellery every time you travel. However, suppose neither of those two scenarios applies to you. In that case, might be unsure how to proceed when taking valuable jewellery on vacation or a long trip away from home.

Fear not, because if you read further, you will see that we have outlined five tips we have gathered from seeking out the best advice and recommendations from those who travel often and, more significantly, from those who travel with valuable jewellery when they are away from home. These tips from jewellers give you some pointers on choosing what jewellery to take and ensure your valuable jewellery will be safe.

Tip #1 – Create A Master List Of All Your Jewellery

If you have lots of jewellery items, it will be much easier, not just for this trip but also for future trips, if you create a master list containing each item of jewellery that you own. This will allow you to see everything you have in one document rather than trying to remember them all from memory.

Tip #2 – Choose What Jewellery And Outfits You Are Taking With You At The Same Time

When it comes to the point when you are choosing what valuable jewellery items you are taking with you, it is highly recommended that rather than doing it in isolation; you do it at the same time you are choosing your outfits, especially those you will wear in the evenings and for social occasions, This way you can ensure your jewellery always complements what you will be wearing.

Tip #3 – Do Not Put Valuable Jewellery In Checked Luggage

Whilst the vast majority of airline baggage arrives where it should, unfortunately, there are occasions when it does not. To eliminate any possibility of being parted from your jewellery, even temporarily, we suggest you not store it in your checked baggage.

Tip #4 – Place Your Jewellery In A Travel Storage Unit

As for what you should store your valuable jewellery in when travelling, the best recommendation is a travel storage unit designed specifically for jewellery. This allows you to carry it on board so that your jewellery is always in your possession.

Tip #5 – Always Rent A Safe From Your Hotel

Even if you have your jewellery fully insured for when you are travelling,  we strongly advise you always to place it in a hotel safe. Whether at the reception desk or having a safe in your room, it provides the most significant security for valuable jewellery.