If you have decided that instead of using your usual local experienced dentist, for cosmetic dental treatment, you are going to do what so many others have done before you, and travel to Bali for your treatment in order to save a significant amount of money, you have made a wise decision.

Obviously saving money is a huge incentive, but in addition, being able to visit what is a stunningly beautiful part of the world, makes a trip to Bali an extremely positive experience for more than one reason.

Now that you have decided to make the trip to Bali, the next step is to decide which cosmetic dentist you are going to select to carry out the cosmetic dental treatment that you want to be done. This requires more than simply sticking a pin in a map of Bali and deciding to use the dentist whose clinic is closest to the pin.

You need to take as much care in choosing your Bali dentist, as you would with any professional, be they overseas, or here in Australia. To help you head down the right path in terms of selecting the right cosmetic dentist in Bali, here are some simple steps you should take.

Look For The Dentist’s Qualifications

The first thing you want to try to establish is the qualifications that the dentist, or dentist working at any clinic you are considering. Obviously, they are unlikely to be the same as what Australian dentists have but they should at least have their local equivalent qualifications.

Read The Patient Reviews

Possibly the most important part of your research to find a cosmetic dentist is reading the reviews that have been left by previous patients. Ideally, these need to be positive and the more detail included in the reviews the better. You should focus on finding reviews of people who have had the same type of cosmetic dental treatment that are looking for, to see if their experience was good or not.

Look For Their List of Treatments

You obviously want to check that any cosmetic dentist you are considering actually does the treatment you want. Be cautious of any dentist who only has one or two services as it might imply that their range of skills is not as wide as those dentists who can offer multiple services. It is also better if the clinic has specific dentists who specialise in each cosmetic dental treatment as this implies a higher level of skill for that procedure.

Find Images of Their Clinic

While you are researching online, try to find images of the inside and outside of any dental clinic in Bali you are considering. Do they look like a welcoming facility? Do they look clean? Is the equipment modern? You might not be able to answer every question you have from images, but it should at least give you a sense of whether this is a dental clinic you would be happy to visit.

Location of the Clinic

Unless you know your way around Bali, it would be wise to choose a dental clinic that is close to where you plan to stay while you are there. Also, bear in mind there may be a degree of pain or discomfort after any treatment and a 90-minute journey to your accommodation, thereafter, might not be the most fun you will ever have, so the closer it is , the better.