Whilst many of us are perfectly happy visiting our local dentist at dentalosogentle.com.au for check-ups and routine appointments, the desire to do so is not so great when we need or want to have other treatments, such as cosmetic dentistry. For it might the thought of any pain which might be experienced, however, for many others, the pain is not much in our mouths, but with regards to our bank balance being reduced significantly.

Whichever way you look at it, many dental procedures are costly, and as such, lots of patients are looking at alternative ways of having dental treatments, and one which is growing in popularity is travelling abroad for them.

Known as ‘dental tourism’ what it basically amounts to is travelling overseas to a country which has high standards of dental care, but due to the nature of their economies, the cost of dental treatment and procedures is a fraction of what it costs in Australia.

There are a number of countries that might be candidates for dental tourism and for Australians, the primary locations are Thailand and Indonesia, with the island of Bali being the one that has the greatest appeal.

If you have never considered travelling overseas for dental treatment or a cosmetic dental procedure, then it is something you should give some thought to. If you are looking for reasons to justify it, then here are some which may sway your decision towards saying ‘Yes’.

Reduced Costs

This is, without doubt, the number one reason why so many Australians choose to travel overseas for dental treatment. In fact, around the world, there are many people from the so-called wealthier countries who travel overseas in order to save vast sums on their dental treatment that can often amount to several thousand dollars, especially if the dental treatment is substantial.

Such is the huge difference in the cost of treatment in places like Bali compared to Australia, even after factoring in the cost of travel, accommodation, and any additional spending whilst you are there, the amount saved can still be significant, and most certainly worth the trip.

Skilled Dentists

Given that dental treatment is so cheap, and that medical standards around the world can differ greatly, one of the first concerns that might pop into your mind is that the dentists in these other countries will have low standards and a lack of dentistry skills. A perfectly understandable concern, but one that is not borne out by the experience of many patients who have travelled overseas for dental treatment.

As we mentioned locations like Bali are extremely popular with Australian patents, and if you were to read the reviews of those who have gone there for treatment you will find almost all of them are happy with the treatment they received.

High Levels Of Service

Dentists in Bali and other locations overseas rely heavily on the income they earn from overseas patients, and thus they know that in order for that to continue the quality of service must be high. This applies not just to the actual dental treatment itself, but also with regards to offering convenient appointment times, clean and welcoming dental clinics, and the customer service offered by receptionists, and dental nurses.

Double It Up as A Holiday

If you are going to travel top another country for dental treatment, whilst there you can double it up as a mini-break or holiday and use the time out with your treatment to get to know the local culture, landmarks, and cuisine.