There is no denying that the travel industry is one of the most competitive there is, given the number of choices people have when making their travel and holiday plans. With most people searching online for travel companies, the professionals at the SEO company report it is crucial that travel companies who want to compete online maximise the opportunity that SEO provides them.

By opportunity, what they mean is that SEO provides local and smaller travel companies a chance to compete online for customers with some of the larger travel companies that exist, including those who may have huge advertising budgets, and who rely solely on paid advertising. These larger companies often ignore SEO and prefer to spend continuously to get new customers, leaving the SEO route open to other travel companies.

The issue that any company has, whether it be in the travel industry or not, is that in order to benefit from paid advertising and to receive traffic from paid online sources, the money flow has to be kept turned on at all times. In other words, the minute they decide to stop paying for paid online ads is the minute that the flow of visitors to their website stops too. No visitors = no prospects = no sales.

The other downside of using paid advertising is that the costs can increase exponentially and as such you are not really in control of what you spend. The reason is that most paid advertising online works on a bidding system whereby the advertiser with the highest bid gets the most clicks for any given keyword. This is multiplied hugely when that keyword is one that gets a lot of searches.

This again means that smaller travel companies are outbid for many keywords and therefore the benefit of paid advertising is limited as they cannot get traffic they want for many of the keywords. The only way they might try to overcome this is to increase their paid advertising budget, but even if they do it may have no effect as they are often simply outspent by larger companies who likewise increase their ad spend too.

By comparison, SEO does not rely on the size of the marketing budget in order to be effective. While there will obviously be upfront costs in order to plan and implement an SEO strategy, once it is live and working, the results and more importantly, the traffic coming to that travel firm’s website, can continue for a significant length of time.

Obviously, if you start ranking at the number one position on Google for multiple keywords and search terms other travel companies may soon notice, but by this time you will well ahead in the game as it were. For them to even try to compete they will need to undertake a significant amount of work. Meantime, you will have all the extra traffic coming to your website and the increased revenue that is bound to generate.

In addition, your SEO agency can take steps to nullify any SEO your competitors might try. That is why having SEO experts plan and implement your SEO is so crucial as they have tools, experience, and skills which allow them to not only get your travel firm’s website ranked #1 for multiple keywords, but they can also counter any attempts by others to knock your website off that top spot.