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Places To Visit In Miami This Spring

From having perfect weather the entire year and miles of sandy beaches, the reasons for visiting Miami are endless. In the lovely sandy beaches, visitors enjoy sipping their wine or mojitos to make the stay unforgettable. But there is more to Miami than relaxing on the lovely sandy beaches.

A trip to the Everglades will provide you with a perfect opportunity to meet or even feed the great American alligator. It will be a moment to remember for the rest of your life. Here are more places that you should visit when traveling to Miami.

The Everglades Safari Park

Whether using an airboat or a buggy, you can whip through the Everglades to get the best shot of the alligators in their natural environment. Make sure to wade from a safe distance. You can experience the fierce alligator fights as they try to control various territories or even pet the babies. The park is also full of other wildlife, and it will be an invaluable place to visit.

The Zoo Miami and Jungle Island

The design of the Zoo Miami and Jungle Island was meant to give Miami residents and visitors a taste of the wilderness. The management ensures there are as many animals from the entire world for people to see and learn. While the Tiger is Native to the mountains and jungles around the Himalayas, you do not need to book a flight; simply visit the Miami’s Jungle Island. Other animals you can experience in the Jungle Island include the Lemurs, howler monkeys, macaws, zebras, and giraffes.


January 8, 2015