When the name Paradise is mentioned, what crosses a traveler’s mind is one place; Hawaii. Hawaii made its name when Japan hit it at the height of the Second World War. This prompted the US to enter the war and ultimately end it with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Apart from the war memories, Hawaii, an archipelago deep in the Pacific overflows with beautiful sceneries and virgin landscapes. Here are the five best places to visit in Hawaii.

  • The USS Memorial at Pearl Harbor

This memorial is visited by more than 2 million people every year because of its great significance to the US and indeed, the entire globe. The memorial is the point that marked the beginning of WWII for the United States. It is now run as part of the National Park Service. You can check in to follow a film of the great bombing at the height of WWII. You could ask for guided tours with headphones that outline every aspect on the memorial. The moment you enter the park, everything that happened during the Pearl Harbor becomes real, and you can experience war in reality. What a great way to take the mind back in time?

  • The Northern Shores of Oahu

Between East Oahu’s Kahuku and Oahu’s Kaena point, you are sure of getting the best waves during winter or springs and an amazing coastline. This has made this section a must visit for surfers all over the globe. Unlike other beaches, this section is always full of activities as new and experienced surfers meet. Whether you are at the Sunset Beach, Ehukai Beach, or Waimea beach, learning to surf will be as easy as watching others ride on the boards and descending on the waves at supersonic speeds.

The North Shore is also home to great art galleries, museums, and Yoga Studios. Visitors are also sure of getting the best of the Hawaii culture in local dishes, artifacts, and beers. Whether you want to sunbathe, take some rest in a top hotel, or go hiking, you can never go wrong with the north shores.

  • The Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is located in the Southern part of Oahu. In the past, it included the expansive area that spread to Palolo Valley including Manoa. In mid-15th Century, Waikiki was designated as the government center but emerged as a famous destination only in the 20th century. Its proximity to luxurious resorts and great hotels adjacent to the lovely sandy beaches has made the place irresistible. Other attractions include great surfing waters, lovely aquariums, and amazing urban life. Waikiki beach is one place you cannot afford to miss when in Hawaii.

  • The Volcanoes National Nark

The Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii is full of attractive landscapes that bring visitors face to face with what happens in an active volcano. You can experience the volcanoes in the Jaggar museum or go for a real field excursion. From a safe distance, you will experience the hot lava flowing from Kilauea caldera. Other great volcanic activities will include fiery infernos, steam vents, and volcanic lava fields.

Note that it is advisable to plan ahead and take a guide for a perfect expedition in the Volcanoes National Park.

  • A trip to Lanai

The Lanai is a private island commonly known as the Pineapple Isle. It is famed for being the first place to grow pineapples. Though it does not have direct routes and visitors have to book flights from Honolulu or Ferry from Maui’s Lahaina Harbor, you are sure of enjoying the breathtaking beauty. For people who want a special holiday away from the city, this is a great option that will never disappoint.