Your Bali vacation is going to offer you all kinds of Balinese experiences and that includes traditional Balinese dances. In a week, you can see Barong, Legong, and Kecak dances, gamelan orchestras, wayang kulit puppets, Ramayana ballets, and Mahabharata ballets. There’s no question that traditional Balinese dances are popular. Kick back and be mesmerized by the performers possessed by divine spirits, dancing on fire, and telling a legendary story.

Sanghyang Trance Dance

This is a dance that’s focus is to exorcize evil spirits that can cause members of a village to become sick or worse die. Smell the incense wafting through the air as the choir begins to chant and pray to put the dancers into a trance.

The Kecak Dance

This is a dance that uses a group of men that is 50+ who sit in a large circle around a blazing torch. This is also known as the monkey dance because of the harsh rhythms and sounds the men make. This dance is the musical accompaniment for the narrator and actors who the audience finds themselves spellbound by.

Fire Dance

This is a dancer where the dancers become entranced and are actually able to dance on hot coals without feeling pain. It’s quite intriguing to watch.

Watching Balinese dance allows you to enjoy the beautiful and dramatic Bali culture dances. These are just three of the most common dances you can find being performed. Don’t be surprised if after you watch one Bali traditional dance you want to see more. These traditional dances have a way of transporting you to a time period long before the current time period.

Of course, Balinese dances are just one of the unique cultural traditions you can enjoy while on vacation in Bali. This is a country full of culture and traditions and dancing is just one of them.