The mountains signify greatness. When a traveler decides to go to the mountains for a holiday, the activities involved help to conquer them and create special attachment. Whether it is during winter or warmer months, the mountains will always have something special to offer travelers. Here are the top 7 mountain activities that you must try this summer.

  • Skiing

This is the best activity when traveling to a snow covered mountain. Most mountains in the temperate climates have a lot of snow and are, therefore, great places for skiing. To ski, you need to move up to the highest point using a lift and then slide down to the bottom using a ski. You will also need to have the right clothing and protective gear such as helmet, skiing boots, and gloves. You should also have skiing poles to balance well on the skiing tracks.

  • Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is a great activity to conquer snow laden mountains. Using a snowmobile, you ride through the snow to reach even the remotest sections. It is advisable to ride in groups and to follow the recommended trails for safety. Note that some snowmobiling destinations such as the Rockies have age limits on people who can go snowmobiling.

  • Snowshoeing

If you want to get a better connection to the mountains and enjoy its diversity, snowshoeing might be the activity to consider. Unlike skiing which can be done personally, snowshoeing is done as a team. After assembling a team of interested members, hotels or resorts in the mountains plan for trips to explore the vegetation, wildlife, and local cultures. This is perhaps one of the best methods of learning about mountain cultures.

  • Snow tubing

For people who want to slide from the top of a frozen mountain as a family, skiing might not be the best option. Instead, it is advisable to consider Snow Tubing. This is a great activity that involves sitting on inflatable tubing with the entire family and sliding down to the floor of the mountain.

  • Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a great activity that involves riding through marked trails or roads. Whether you prefer to do road biking or rough riding, this will be a unique activity for all the family members. The secret to enjoying this activity is selecting the right bike. If you prefer to ride through the mountains on rough trails, it is advisable to go for the mountain bike that has strong shock absorbers and broad wheels to withstand punishing trails.

  • Soak in hot springs

In some mountains where volcanic activities are still active, you are sure of enjoying natural Jacuzzi on hot springs. Some great locations to soak in natural hot springs include Bains De Dorrest in France and Piestany in Slovakia.

  • Use a balloon to go for a mountain tour

While some activities such as skiing and snowmobiling will only allow you to reach certain points of a mountain, a hot air balloon enables you to explore more. Because the hot air balloon hovers above and moves slowly, it is possible to see all the details of the respective mountain. If you are exploring the Rockies, a balloon will take you close to the top on either side so that you can enjoy the greatness of nature. Make sure to look for a balloon that can carry all the members of your team.