Alaska, the northernmost state of the United States is famed for its unique wildlife and scenic beauty. Travelers enjoy sharing the same environment with the polar bears that roam far and wide from the Artic to Alaska. As a holiday destination, Alaska provides a separate experience from other regions in the US regarding culture and climate. To get more from this 49th state of the US, here are five must-do things.

  • Board the famous Riverboat Discovery

The famous Riverboat Discovery is a three hours cruise journey through the rivers of Alaska. The trip takes visitors to the heart of this great state and introduces them to communities that have made Alaska their way of life. On the trip, you enjoy bush floatplanes taking off, visiting the home of the famous Iditarod winner, Susan Butcher, and her famous sledge dogs doing their thing.

The boat ride cannot be complete without experiencing the ancient Athabascan Indian culture. The expert tour guides will take you to the Chena Indian Village to get a slice of the Alaskan history. You will be surprised to learn how much Alaska has developed while keeping its history intact. It is the surest way to go native and be part of the great history.

  • Go soaking in the Chena hot springs

The Chena hot springs are famous for their healing capabilities and beautiful aurora borealis, especially in winter. The natural spa creates a unique connection to nature that will have an impact in your entire life. While some explain that a dip into the hot springs is magical, the appreciation that the water has been heated by the hot rocks deep in the earth makes one appreciate the greatness of nature.

Whether you are staying at the Chena Hot Spring Resort or other facilities in the neighborhood, a moment in the hot spring sipping a glass of wine will be unforgettable. You will also love the way the resort has tapped this geothermal energy to promote conservation.

  • Go skiing in the snow-capped mountains

Every traveler heading to Alaska wants to do some skiing before the holiday is over. Alaska has the highest point in the US and the lowest ever recorded temperatures (-80F in the Prospect Creek). Because of the high attitude, most of the mountains are covered with ice that provides great skiing tracks. Think of climbing to the highest point of the Chugach Mountains and sliding down to its foot. The experience will be magical. From the Moose Mountain to Mt Eyak, skiing lovers enjoy the rich Alaskan vegetation and skiing like pros. Remember to prepare appropriately with appropriate apparel and protective clothing.

If you are new to skiing, lessons are also offered in conjunction with local ski resorts. Within a very short while, you can start skiing effortlessly down the mountains like a pro.

  • Take time off the hotel to fish salmon

After exploring the city and doing all the shopping in Alaska, it is important to consider fishing salmon. Book a hunting boat and take a friend off the rivers of Alaska to fish the great salmon. You will not just enjoy getting the fish off the water, but will get a special moment to explore the lovely sceneries that characterize most rivers, coastline, and bays.

  • Visit the Alaskan large animal research station

Maybe you have only seen the muskoxen and caribous in great National Geographic documentaries. At the Large Animal Research Station, you have the chance to get close and personal with the large game including the reindeer, caribou, and muskoxen. Make sure to capture great images with the animals for your adventure album.