The holiday time is finally here, and everybody wants to travel in a unique way. In the past, many people preferred to travel and rest in top hotels. Not any longer. The trend has changed tremendously as people want to get greater value from their holiday. The focus is getting destinations that present an opportunity for diverse exploration and connection to nature.

  • Hawaii in the Pacific

You probably saw an active volcano pouring hot lava from the core of the earth in documentaries or images. But, you can experience the same in reality. Hawaii, commonly known as PARADISE is probably the best place to experience raw nature. The island is home to active volcanoes where you can see top volcanic activities in action. Plan to visit the Volcanoes National Park, the Maui Ocean Center, and Haleakala National Park for a unique experience.

Because of Hawaii’s special location in the Pacific, visitors are sure of enjoying great water sports especially surfing. All over the world, surfing is believed to have originated in Hawaii. Even for people with no clue about surfing, a few lessons will help them understand the main concepts and surf like pros. Other sports include sports fishing and scuba diving.

  • A holiday with Pharaohs¬†in Egypt

There is something special with Egypt that every visitor wants to experience; some moment with pharaohs. When history dating back to thousands of years is told and retold, the mention of Pharaoh’s remains inscribed everywhere.

This Mediterranean country boasts of top notch facilities for visitors who want a holiday with a difference. Riding on a Nile Cruise ship, you can travel in luxury from Luxor and Karnak (the valley of kings) to the famous Aswan Dam. In the city, Cairo, you can check into the famous museums to learn more about the history of pharaohs.

However, it is a visit to the pyramids that will give you a chance to take the mind back to thousands of years. Inside the historic Gothic structure, visitors can see where the pharaohs lived and ruled the North Africa state for years. You can never go wrong with this great destination.

  • Miami, the USA

Ever thought of a moment swimming with dolphins? This is the reality for Miami visitors. The great city is famed for its top hotels and lovely beaches that are ever flowing with tourists from all over the world. More importantly, visitors get a rare opportunity to swim with the dolphins and get close to alligators. From research facilities to not-for-profit institutions, visitors are sure of getting into the water and swimming together. The visitors are taught some simple communications terms, and the moment in the water will be magnificent.

  • Granada, Spain

For people who love history, a few days in Granada will be the most enjoyable in life. From the palaces to gardens of Alhambra that were created by the ancient Nasrids, visitors can explore secrets hidden for thousands of years.

While you could target seeing the famous monument, you will be surprised to learn how smaller things count to making your travel to Granada great. From tiled fountains in little squares to picturesque flowers on whitewashed walls, the tasty tapas in boisterous bars are irresistible. To enjoy even more, consider traveling with a team, family, or a lover.

  • The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is the global largest coral reef system that comprises of about 3000 individual in over 600 islands that stretch from Queensland coast. For those who love biology and history, the sheer size of the barrier reef is a mystery. Take a dive into the deeper waters and experience the complexity of this fragile ecosystem. In Queensland, you can also explore various watersports including sports fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and kayaking.