No event can happen unless it is organised first.  Whether it is easy to org.

anise or not will depend on what kind of event you are having. For instance a simple birthday party with friends and family will be easier to organise than a wedding reception for 400. But one thing they have in common is the need for a dj, so you have plenty of music and someone to play it.

Hiring a professional dj is also good if you need an MC as many disc jockeys also add that talent to their list of skills. Having a Master of Ceremonies takes a great deal of pressure off the host who then has time to meet and greet the guests without worrying about having to guide the event along.

Here are 12 more tips for organising your event.

  • You shouldn’t try to do everything yourself. Instead, gather a team of helpers and delegate certain aspects of the work to them, depending on their skills. To do this you will need to plan out what is needed and ask them to volunteer to do the things they have the skills for. Meet with them regularly to go over what is needed and what has been done.
  • Set a date for the event and create a timeline for getting things done.
  • Hire the venue and organise the caterers. Find out what is provided by the venue and what you’ll need to provide, e.g. sound system and special lighting effects.
  • Work out what drinks you will need and how they should be served, e.g. open bar.
  • If you need speakers at your event, get them lined up well ahead of time.
  • Organise entertainment important in a convention to give some light relief.
  • Make sure the dj knows what kind of music you want to have.
  • Work out the advertising or invitations, depending on what kind of event it is. Allow at least 8 weeks between the invitations and the date of the event.
  • Some events require rehearsal ahead of time to iron out any problems. Even a wedding needs to have a rehearsal the night before.
  • On the day of the event, be available to all who are helping organise it to help set up and ensure everything is in place.
  • After the event is over, your job is not. You need to formally thank everyone involved from the volunteers to the speakers and guests.
  • Then you will need to make sure everything is paid for and you might need to clean and return any equipment if it is not provided by the venue.

If you have the budget for it, giving the volunteers a small gift is appropriate and will be appreciated