We have all gone on vacation and stayed in hotels, but it’s never quite the experience that we hope for. Hotels and resorts are busy places and the only place you can find some privacy is in your room, which for the most part, even the nicest are compact. After all, resorts and hotels are designed to maximize the number of guests for the maximum profits. So if you are tired of that type of vacation environment, Bali has an excellent alternative – private Bali villas.

Now most people hear Bali villas and think they are something that only the rich can afford. Actually, that’s simply not true. Thanks to the increased availability of Bali villas, there now are many options and that means there are also many price points.

There are now Bali villas scattered throughout the island – some are in the centre of activity, while others are tucked away in a nicely secluded area. This means no matter what type of vacation experience you would like you can have it at a Bali villa.

But what else do these villas offer? Plenty! Most villas come with their own private swimming pool and gardens. Many have ocean views and are often near the beach. Most are staffed with at least a cook and service staff. Most offer spa treatments in the privacy of the villa.

One of the things most people ‘love’ about the Bali villa experience is the space. These are large villas decorated with taste blending contemporary with local culture. There’s plenty of room for everyone to find their own space and there large enough for get togethers with friends. They are great for family reunions and weddings. The privacy is amazing! There’s no sharing your swimming pool, no waiting to be seated at a restaurant, no constant noise buzz from all of the people in your space.

Great Bali villas offer an amazing alternative to hotel stays and best of all it is an affordable alternative, so why not take advantage of it.