Mountain Activities

7 Top Mountain Activities To Try This Holiday

The mountains signify greatness. When a traveler decides to go to the mountains for a holiday, the activities involved help to conquer them and create special attachment. Whether it is during winter or warmer months, the mountains will always have something special to offer travelers. Here are the top 7 mountain activities that you must try this summer.

  • Skiing

This is the best activity when traveling to a snow covered mountain. Most mountains in the temperate climates have a lot of snow and are, therefore, great places for skiing. To ski, you need to move up to the highest point using a lift and then slide down to the bottom using a ski. You will also need to have the right clothing and protective gear such as helmet, skiing boots, and gloves. You should also have skiing poles to balance well on the skiing tracks.


August 7, 2013
Bali Villas

Private Bali Villas Now Offer Alternative to Hotel Stays

We have all gone on vacation and stayed in hotels, but it’s never quite the experience that we hope for. Hotels and resorts are busy places and the only place you can find some privacy is in your room, which for the most part, even the nicest are compact. After all, resorts and hotels are designed to maximize the number of guests for the maximum profits. So if you are tired of that type of vacation environment, Bali has an excellent alternative – private Bali villas.

Now most people hear Bali villas and think they are something that only the rich can afford. Actually, that’s simply not true. Thanks to the increased availability of Bali villas, there now are many options and that means there are also many price points.

There are now Bali villas scattered throughout the island – some are in the centre of activity, while others are tucked away in a nicely secluded area. This means no matter what type of vacation experience you would like you can have it at a Bali villa.


March 4, 2013
sustainability on holidays

12 Tips for Sustainability on Holidays

While it is relatively easy to follow sustainable practices while at home, once you go on holidays it becomes more difficult because so many holiday resources are geared towards the short term and the throwaway. To mention just a few, there are throwaway cameras, one use shampoo – meaning more packaging – and all those takeaway mugs and sandwich containers for the traveller who is passing through.

So if you are interested in remaining eco friendly while on holidays you may have to work a little harder at it. But at the same time you’ll enjoy yourself more in many ways. So here are some tips for sustainability while on holidays that are not too difficult to implement and may even save you costs.

  • If you are going by air, remember those carbon emissions that can be offset. Most airlines provide the option.


February 4, 2013
Vacation Destinations in Bali

Top Vacation Destinations in Bali Revealed

Recently members of Bali tourism have released some of the top vacation destination on the island of Bali, and now is a great time to share that information.

Uluwatu – A visit to the Uluwatu temple is a must. From there you can head over to Dreamland Beach and enjoy the stunning view of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana park. From your Jimbaran Villa it’s an easy drive.

Alas Kedaton – Come see the hundreds of tame monkeys that are just waiting for you to arrive. While there, head to the base of Kedaton and take in a breathtaking sunset.

Ubud – Head to Ubud and visit the amazing sights of Pura Goa Gajah, the rice terraces, and Tegallalang village scenery. Then head to the Kintamani and take in the stunning view of the lake. Stop by the temple, visit the water park, and remember to take in Mount Batur, which is still active.


April 21, 2012