There are many things to do and see on holiday and all of it is interesting, especially after you’ve recovered from your jet lag in that nice, luxury villa or hotel room you rented. If you wanted to do something exotic after you’ve checked out all the best spots to surf in Bali and want something a little less touristy than visit temples and see monkeys, consider booking into an educational workshop. There are many of these in Bali ready to educate you on how to do any number of amazing things.

  • If you love the traditional Bali food, you can experience this kind of cuisine at home if you learn to cook it yourself. You can actually attend any of several cooking classes in Bali that teach you how to cook some of the most popular Balinese dishes. It might be the best thing you ever did. There are many different cooking classes so choose the kind of food you love best – if you can.
  • Love jewellery and crafts? Try a silversmith class at Ubud. Class costs include 10gm of silver and instruction of how to make it into a piece of jewellery.
  • Visit an organic farm and learn about farm cooking. The visit is as much fun as learning how to do it.

  • Woodcarving, art and more is available at Ubud’s Five Art Studio where you can stay for a day or less. Leave plenty of time to learn a new skill and be proud of your accomplishment.
  • Learn to make your own cosmetics at Ubud’s Botany Interactives. See how the ingredients are grown on the farm, then use them to make your choice of shampoo or other things.
  • Pejaten Pottery Village has a day class to teach you how to make pottery and how to paint it.
  • Ceramics is a great way to let your crafty side shine. Kids and adults are both welcome at The Sari Api Ceramic Studio. You can have your ceramic art bubble wrapped and shipped to you, since it takes some time to dry. Or you can take it with you and let it dry in the sun.
  • Glass blowing lessons may appeal to some people, especially when you can take your creation home with you.

It’s important to book these lessons ahead. In some cases, there may be nothing to see if you just go on spec. Not everyone in Bali can afford to waste their base product unless they either get an order or a class to teach. This may not be the case with the cooking classes, but materials such as ceramics or glass, are expensive to provide.

There are other ways to learn about the many unusual things you find in Bali other than taking a class. Simply walking through a museum or going on a tour will teach you a great deal.