If you are planning an overseas holiday this year, Scuba diving gives people who dare venture into the water an opportunity to explore the deep oceans and discover things that have never come to human attention.  A dive down to the ocean floor will make you appreciate the magnificence of nature as you see, touch, and even have a chat with big sea animals such as whales.

Well, you only need to have some courage and a guide to venture into the ocean depths and, your life will change forever. Here are top 7 scuba diving sites you should consider in 2017.

  • The Barracuda point in Malaysia

The Barracuda point is a great site for people who love deep sea diving. It has a wall of coral reef where sharks frequent and barracuda surround you. It is the point you are guaranteed of enjoying great stuff. Often, strong currents from the other side of the Sipadan Island bring White Tips, Jacks, Bumphead Parrotfish, and turtles.

  • The Yongala site in Australia

The Yongala is a shipwreck off the Queensland coast. It was sunk by a cyclone in 1911 killing all the 122 people. Over the years, it has become sensational with a lot of sea life thriving in it and the neighborhood. Diving at this point will give you an opportunity to see the tiger sharks, bull sharks, giant octopuses, mantra rays and spectacular corals. It is located 90 kilometers southeast of Townsville.

  • Thistlegorm in the Egyptian Red Sea

 Thistlegorm was a British vessel that was attacked in 1941 and sank to the bottom of the Red Sea. It was carrying war supplies including rifles, trucks, and motorbikes among others. A dive into this site gives you a clear picture of the theaters that characterized the mid-20th century especially the World War II. When you decide to dive here, it is important to follow the weather forecasts because the currents can get very rough.

  • The Great Blue Hole in Belize

For people who love taking hours with sharks in one of the deepest points, this is the place to dive. The Great Blue Hole is very deep and is marked by unique coral reefs that always have a dozen of sharks at any moment. On the top, the waters are warm and vibrant before turning cool and fresh at about 15 meters. A deeper descent to about 25 meters will reveal breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites in the ancient covens.

  • Liberty, Indonesia

This is a great diving point for photographers. You are sure of getting lovely images of sea anemones, gorgonians, and corals among other marine life. Most of the fish are tame and lovely. Some such as wrasse and goatfish will come nibbling your feet while surgeonfish will make a beeline on your mask to ensure you notice them.

  • The Navy Pier, Western Australia

This diving site extends to about 300 meters from the shore and takes a T-shaped structure of 300 meters in width. Though it is well defined and relatively compact, it is full of aquatic life that can take you up to 5 days to explore. A dive into this site will guarantee a visitor seeing white tipped sharks, stargazers, the huge rays, and eels.

  • The Manta Ray Night Dive site in Hawaii

The Manta Ray Night Dive is a unique site in Kailua Kona Islands of Hawaii. It is lit with lovely lights at the ocean floor that makes the scene magnificent. Because of lots of Planktons on the sea floor, a lot of Manta Rays are always moving around, and you have to move to avoid hitting them.